Donate money to Brave and/or donate trough Brave rewards


I love the idea of brave and have been waiting for this. Companies like
this are important for building our future and changing the way privacy works. Our current system is corrupt, privacy is a human right and it is being taken away from us. Therefore I believe Brave needs full support from ‘us the people who advocate privacy’!
So I until Brave is up and running I would like to donate cash money to Brave.
But I don’t know how I can do this? Please let me know where I can donate? I am sure there are more people out there who would be more then willing to do this and give their support to this company to give it a fair chance in the market. For people who do not want to donate cash money but want to help Brave maybe you can make it possible to donate their Brave ‘attention’ rewards to Brave. It would be super cool if you made that option. Just my two cents…

All the best of luck for the new year.



Hey @xnr, that’s so kind of you! You can send BAT tips to if you’re so compelled :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll check it out… but regarding donations that make it’s more difficult for you guys since it requires me to enter the program, read about it etc. TIME… If there was just an ease donate button cash it would make it so much simpler. I don’t understand why you don’t have that. I’m sure there are more people out there who are willing to donate because they want the future to be like Brave and give their support.

sorry for my typo: * makes it

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