Vote for not getting bat from ads of charity

Hello everyone

hope that everything going fine with all of you

what do you think about that we do not get reward for any ads that advertise for charity and brave ask the charity organization to choose between getting 70% of the fees back to the charity organization or use it to promote them more

  • yes i agree to not getting reward
  • no i want reward

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thanks for your time and have a nice day


I’ll be happy if I don’t receive rewards, Especially if it’s for good cause :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t want to receive rewards for a charitable cause. I think that would make me feel bad. :innocent:


I respectfully disagree. There are lot of charity out there that have not actual good impact on human kind and that I don’t want to fund (even if most DO have good impact). I want reward for ANY ads, then I can choose where I want to give and where I don’t.

If charity ads become free, you’ll see that all day on Brave without getting compensation, I’ll stop using Brave reaally quick, and so will you.

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I am often engaged in charity projects without using something of others but consuming my precious time and my funds. I am against any form of charity based on a popular vote that has an only emotional impact, ignoring the real benefits.

IMO this is ridiculous and dangerous, at least for the future of Brave.

Shifting right now from the “BAT user rewards” program into a “charity program”, this is an unfruitful idea, viable only for utopists. (C’mon).

If there is someone driven by deep feelings changing the world, please start using the Ecosia engine into your browser from, and help them so the world could become again as green as possible. Great job! Hands down here.

There are plenty of crypto wallets, including Uphold, from which you can spend your crypto tokens for various humanitarian projects. Furthermore, there are two options of Auto-Contribute or Monthly Contribute to as many projects as you want, especially if those organizations have a YouTube channel. How easy is that?

The Brave browser might not save the entire problems of humanity but, could be the next top dedicated browser in the Blockchain. Please, Brave TEAM, don’t ever underestimate the power of BAT Token.

As many things are going wrong with the Brave right now, and if you don’t want to see this project massively fail, please get in focus on the real problems:

  1. Keep the Brave as user-centered as possible.

  2. Keep listening!

  3. Brave privacy and speed are paramount. Time is money.

  4. Keep being fair to the users who have invested trust in this project.

  5. Keep Adds and user reward program running, as least as before of June. There is immense potential as many companies with large marketing capital are quickly jumping in. Identify the problems and fix them now!

  6. Don’t ruin the BAT Token that is dependable by adequate user experience.

  7. Reach much deeper into the Blockchain and crypto investments. Attract more users, crypto affinities are always looking for a secure environment.

  8. Make that damn Sync work. Seriously now!

  9. Wallet backup ASAP for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, no question here. We need it!

  10. Still CPU hungry!

  11. We need a decent wallet. Uphold is not a hero here.

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first you are free to choose what you like but just to clear one thing i meant this only for the charity ads not every ads
so for example if it ads for amazon or vpn or any product then we get paid as usual but if the ads for charity work then the vote for it

but it’s up to everyone to choose what he/she like

just to clear my point and have a nice day :slight_smile: