Does Brave have plans to create Brave Email

It seems like everything has to be verified and consolidated through email. Google is slimy. Many of the private Email providers are either costly, difficult to use, difficult to sign up for, or are otherwise not a viable option for joining lots of different apps and accounts together.

I really love how Brave has dedicated itself to privacy and builds many of their own software products so we don’t have to use sketchy stuff made by known to be dishonest entities. I am also very excited about the BAT and am eagerly looking forward to Brave Search.

I feel that a Brave Email account to link all of the apps, software, banks, cryptowallets and everything else I use online would be icing on the cake. It makes me uneasy to have to link all of these different things together, having to trust each one individually and connected to each other, with an email account provided by a company that I know does not have my best interests at their core.

In summary, I would be VERY INTERESTED in Brave Email. I love the Brave philosophy and the more of my internet interests that are made by a single trustworthy company that has the products I need to fully leverage the power of the internet while maintaining my privacy, the better.

It’s great you like Brave but I don’t think it will ever become an email provider too. Try


Proton mail was actually my next choice. But I would have given Brave a shot first if for no other reason that that I believe in Brave’s cause.

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A brave email would b e amazing! ProtonMail is ok, but the interface is ugly and it would be so nice to have an email integrated into the browser ui similiar to gmail or bing! This would be game changing for brave.

Lter, Brave Render Engine… Brave OS… sounds good!

Brave VPN, Brave Drive, Brave Calendar,

^to add to the list

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They do offer Brave VPN in collaboration with Guardian VPN. It’s only available for ios mobile users in the USA.

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What, no Brave Phone? :innocent:

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Look for Freedom Phones.

Does Brave have plans to create Brave Email.

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