Brave Mail! It would be so good to use a E-Mail service from Barve

I hope one day Brave would creat a E-mail service. I would be veary happy and would switch over it 100%. And I think Im not the only one that fiels like it. It would be so good to use a privacy based E-Mail service for free or for some amount of money. Hell no I would not care if I need to pay because I trust Brave. After useing Brave browser for a year I can’t live without Brave. I tryed Decntr but no I coudn’t even use it for a week.


Maybe you could change the category to feature request, so that the vote button is shown and other users can vote on your suggestion.

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I see thanks for the tipp.

@MasterChief177 go check out Some of your questions answered. Recap of Community Call from 09/20/2022

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