How will Solana integration effect brave, and BAT?

With the Solana integration coming soon, what all is going to change in terms of the crypto side, and BAT? Will we not be able to use uphold anymore? Will we be able to receive our rewarded BAT on Solana network, if BAT has a spl version? What will be the biggest changes that we will notice right away?
Thank you for any info you may have. All the articles ive seen only talk about brave and Solana integrating but dont really specify any facts.


at least the gas fees will be reduced since ethereum didnt give shi* about transaction fees


Here are some important links-

[1] & [2] are important to understand [3] & [4]. I think here is what may happen-

  • In the start, as it says in [4] “to bring best-in-class wallet features for the Solana blockchain” “in the first half of 2022”, we may see support for Solana network in the Brave Wallet which may become default in place of Ethereum Mainnet.

    • This would allow user to transact in SPL Tokens (Solana based) instead of only Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens that are currently available, connect with Solana based Dapps etc. with “faster low-fee transactions”.
  • As per [4] “The integration will also enable the Solana DEX aggregator for swaps (swap within Solana network), NFT support, sending SPL tokens, and creating accounts”

  • Next we could see " implementation of the Themis protocol developed by Brave on the Solana Network". Themis protocol is how Ad catalog is created, user is rewarded for ads and how payment is made. Read [1] & [2] for more. Currently Themis operates on a side-chain, a Proof-of-Authority Blockchain.

    • Looking at what Solana proposed in [3] " on-chain proof verification" and “Solana L1 can perform 270K reward proof verifications per second” “and each proof can be submitted directly by the user to L1 without aggregation”. This is something I meant here-
      Bug: Rewards panel showing incorrect BATs arriving (Update) - #28 by Aman_M
    • This would mean faster rewards for viewing ads, faster payouts (not about a week) and no longer the problem that some BATs earned from last month are not being rewarded.
  • In the long run we could see as it says in [4] “Brave continues to support Ethereum and intends to integrate support for additional blockchains within the Brave browser over time”

    • We could see other networks like Polygon (Matic), Avalanche, Polkadot etc. (I’m just quoting tending ones) coming together in Brave rewards ecosystem to expand Themis protocol and making digital advertisements more decentralised.
    • Then we will have a Brave wallet that support many networks and not just EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible networks. Metamask (currently supporting only EVM networks) would be dusted in its current form by then.
  • Solana would also enable on-chain tipping, this means tips would be directly processed on the blockchain and may be, if publisher has a linked Solana wallet, maybe we can see it directly processing to the wallet, instead of waiting for the payout cycle that begins on 13th each month.

PS: Brave would need to create a version of BAT on Solana blockchain (something like wrapped Bitcoin) and I think current Ethereum based ERC-20 BAT will continue (or a way to migrate current BATs to Solana should be provided).

PS2: To see Themis in work, you will have to enable Brave Rewards verbose logging on brave://flags/. It is literally just letters and numbers.