Connecting brave wallet but there is only Bitflyer instead of Uphold

Hi. I want to connect brave wallet to Uphold, but there is only Bitflyer to choose. I am in Poland, not using VPN and there is no option to choose Uphold. Please help, beacuse I didn’t find answer anywhere :confused:

hmm. I recall there being a setting somewhere to force the other options to show, @Saoiray surely you remember?

It shows based on your Locale. This means Venz has Japan for OS region. Otherwise it wouldn’t show Bitflyer. If I remember right, just getting their OS locale to region (including regional format) outside of Japan should be enough to have the others show.

Where do I change the region? I’ve never even been to Asia, never had anything to do with Japan.

assuming your os locale, language, and time are not set for japan;

try loading brave://flags and look for the option ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’

enable and restart brave.

I have enabled it, restarted Brave and unfortunately there is still only bitFlyer to choose :confused:

sorry, probably best to file a ticket

it could take a week or so to get a response.

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