Cannot verify wallet, only offered bitflyer as an option

I just started using Brave rewards in my Brave browser and I wanted to verify my wallet, but couldn’t. I only get Bitflyer offered as a way of verifying my wallet, but I am not in Japan so I cannot get a Bitflyer account to verify my wallet.

I have changed the region on my PC from Japan to Denmark (it was set to Japan due to playing games with fanpatches that only work if my PC’s region is set as Japan) and rebooted my PC, no change.

Brave browser Version 1.37.109 Chromium: 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 desktop
I am in a country that’s on the list of being available for Brave rewards
Not actively using a VPN, though I have Proton VPN installed.

Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

You might want to go check and see what country your VPN is set for and changing it to match your PC. If you have the option to reset your VPN try that also, just make sure the countries match. Then clear history/cache, exit Brave, and reboot.

Might not work but can give it a shot. Maybe a community member with more knowledge and experience with this type issue and your specific VPN will pop in and give you some input!

My VPN isn’t active, but I’ll give your suggestions a whirl.

Much appreciated, friend.

edit - fiddled with VPN, it should match my homecountry, re-changed my PC’s region to homecountry as well just to be sure, cleared browser history/cache and rebooted entire PC.

No change in what Brave Rewards gives me for verification, still Bitflyer only.

VPN is ProtonVPN

I really don’t have any other suggestions. You might try to create a new profile, enable Brave Rewards, and see if the other custodial providers appear there. The link below provides instructions for creating a new profile. The post is talking about troubleshooting performance/memory issues but a new profile can also help when having setting conflicts and other issues that pop-up now and then.

Again, hopefully someone will pop in with other suggestions. You can always tag the moderators and ask for help. It is Monday here in the US so they should be back at work today. :smiley:


Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Thank you.

@JH1991 You need to DM Mattches your wallet payment id. You can edit your post above and just delete the text if you want. :smiley:

How to DM a moderator:

  1. Click on the icon next to their name then select the Message button in the top right corner or
  2. You can go to your profile and create a new message in Messages.

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