DNS Leak and open port issue if shield is on

I checked at “whatleaks.com” and saw that if using brave shield on then lots of open ports detected. If I use vpn extension then dns leak and open port detected at whatleaks.com. But if I disabled shield then everything is perfect. i also checked chrome, firefox and vivaldi browser which is perfect when I checked at whatleaks.com. I found this issue last 4/5 updates and not resolved. Everything was perfect before. Please check and resolve the issue.

I also check my brother and friends pc and found same issue.

I tried that site and it always says “No open ports detected” or “N/A”.

Shield on or off? Please clear your cache and cookies then try with shield on and off. I tried with clean windows install then 1st install.brave browser and same issue. If brave shield off everything is fine and if shield on I get issue.

Using Brave, it now says that a few ports are open:

but it’s unclear if they’re actually open, or if that’s wrong information.
Anyway, it doesn’t happen with other browsers.

Yes bro… but if you disable shield then it will show all ports none detected. It was perfect before last 4/5 updates. and other problem is if you use proxy extension like nordvpn or tuxler vpn extension then you will get dns leak. other all browser is ok only brave browser have this issue from last 4/5 updates.

I also tried with brave beta and brave nightly both are same issue :frowning:

hope next update will fix this issue