Display Chromium version in About section

I think that it would be useful to display Chromium version in Brave for iOS.
Currently this is already displayed in the Android version.

What do you think about it?

Many thanks,

Brave IOS isn’t based on Chromium, but uses the Webkit engine (like other browsers on IOS), just a limitation due to Apple.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Can you elaborate a bit? How is possible that Google Chrome is installable then?

Is Chrome using another engine other than chromium on iOS?

Chrome on IOS also uses Webkit, not chromium/blink. They may use the same sort of version numbering, but its still just Webkit and not blink.

Ok I have done my research and I saw that both Blink and WebKit rendering engines are part of Chromium now. So what is Brave on iOS using actually? Chromium with WebKit or a totally different thing?

Khtml/Webkit was the original, then Google Chrome forked it too Blink. But because IOS is a closed ecosystem, Chrome is a skin of webkit on IOS (like other browsers on IOS). But we can still add some features if approved.

Ok understand. Do you think that at least showing the WebKit version is useful?

This would depend on what IOS ver for the end user, not the same number among each ios builds. I think just keeping our versioning seems to work well for us, just to avoid confusion.

Oh ok I understand. Thank you. This feature request can be closed.