Disable tooltips on links in web pages

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After opening any web page, when my mouse hovers over any link, I get a “tooltip” which indicates the address to which activating the link will lead. Hovering over photos or videos reveals descriptive information about the item. I find this distracting and annoying especially because the tooltip (which appears in the lower left corner of the web page) covers some of the information on the page.
I would like to disable this feature but after much searching have been unable to find a solution.
Is there a way to permanently eliminate these tooltips? If I do find that I need the address related to a link, I can always use the context menu to copy the address to my clipboard. An additional context menu entry to reveal the address of the link would be much more useful.

Hi @oldpervcanada, type in the address bar:
chrome://flags/#tab-hover-cards and…

…and check on whatever other settings there may strike your fancy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. I had already tried that but it only deals with popups on the tabs and not on links on web pages.

A search for hover or tooltip on that config page reveals just the one you mentioned.
The popup I refer to may be a Windows feature and I don’t know if that can be changed.

What Windows do you run?

I have this setup, too, @oldpervcanada, but I have never experienced this issue. Do you have any browser extensions that might be causing this? Maybe try turning them off one at a time, process of elimination…

I turned off all of my extensions and the problem persists. I suspect it may be a windows issue because I checked some other browsers and I get the same result. The only difference is that the tooltip is on a blue background in brave but the background is white in the others which seems to make it less obtrusive.
Thanks for trying though.

How about your Windows? Do you have the latest updates?

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