Can you block these empty banners on

Can you block these empty banners on

The gray banner at the top appears on many pages of, before they did not appear and with other blockers it does not. Can you block it in Brave? Thank you.

Hello @Ensaladilla

i checked the site and i do not get any of those white banner

i used the standard setting and the aggressive one also both work fine

working on linux centos and brave
Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

what is your brave version and platform

could you try to do that in new profile maybe some issue in your profile

hope that help and have a nice day

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Because I just realized that it comes out only in random threads to registered users. If you are not registered you will not be able to see the code to locate it. A greeting.

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aha thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

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I don’t see any gray banners in that webpage.

@Ensaladilla can you check if you have ad blocker for that site set to aggresive? This setting should eliminate the empty box. Click Brave icon at url bar.

Additionally you can try

It is in standard mode.

I have realized from the Chrome browser with Ublock origin that when deactivating the blocker, the banner that goes in that place is text with internal promotions of the forum itself.

Ublock origin if it blocks that advertisement without leaving that empty box, but the Brave blocker for a few weeks has not. Before in Brave that internal text advertising was shown without the box, it did not block it either.

I also tried blocking it manually, but nothing.

I will continue investigating to see how to remove it.

If you right click, Brave, block element. Add this element

.optidigital-ad-center also maybe also add .infobck and .cajasprin

Does it help?

The first 2 do not work and if I enter: .cajasprin, the content of half the forum is blocked.

This is what I get about this type of ad ad in the code of one of the random banners of the forum itself.


Let’s see if I can find the solution because with Ublock Origin if it blocks that advertising.

A greeting.

How about adding #fcs ?

Adding #fcs doesn’t block it either.

Okay, I’m not sure. I wasn’t able to reproduce the ad elements (with shields up/aggressive). However I’ve added some trackers from the site.

Thank you, I will continue investigating to see if I find the problem. Let’s see if by Ublock Origin I can see what exactly blocks it so that it blocks that blocker and not Brave.


Another problem in Forocoches is that with Brave it blocks the embedded tik tok and the CPU begins to consume resources. With Ublock Origin if the tik tok are shown in the forum.

If you enabled All cookies in shields, does it help?

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Yes, if I activate all cookies if they appear.

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Regarding tiktok,


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