I see brave deletes posts that are critical

*Also clear data from these sites? Does not on my android

It does not clear data from the sites and when i posted it they closed the post.

1 15 76 seems to be the version
What i have written is clear so no amplification is needed

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Hello @Anonb

did you tried to update your brave to the latest version which is 1.16.74

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No but nobody has written that this is a problem.
Always leery of updates
How do i update this browser on android

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could the update fix it or not but in general update app is good thing

go to playstore then check for the update there

if the update did not work then wait tell someone from the team back from the weekend to help you

@Mattches could you help him here

and have a nice day both of you

Thanks for your help

As expected update made no difference

you welcome and please wait till the team be back from the weekend and have a nice day

Your post was closed because you didn’t provide any information we requested – or much information at all. You just said:

Leaving a litany of questions for us to ask:

  • What kind of tablet (model, android OS, etc)?
  • What data does it not clear?
  • Where are you clicking Clear?
  • If it doesn’t clear the data, what does it do?
  • Does it clear data for all other sites? Is it only these sites that it doesn’t clear data for?
  • What version of the browser are you using?

Which is why, in the post I closed, I left the following reason for closing it:

Please repost to reflect the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Please be sure to include as much information as possible when requesting support and please do not make baseless claims. If you’d like assistance, please respond to the questions I’ve asked so that I can be on the same page as you with respect to your situation.

Thank you.

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