Difficulty Staking Matic

I’m trying to stake a small amount of Matic from my wallet to using LIDO. I have successfully staked some a few weeks ago but now when I connect my wallet after clicking “Stake” on the LIDO page menu, under “Available to stake” it is showing my ETH balance instead of my Matic balance and it’s the Matic I need to stake. I’m expecting that the ETH balance will be used to pay for the gas fees.

Please can someone explain what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Can you ensure your browser is set to the latest release ? and also ensure that your wallet is set to Polygon on the wallet panel (this is on desktop btw)
Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 13.02.05

I’m running the latest version, automatically updated:


I don’t see any screen looking like your screenshot though. Although I think I finally found a way to change the wallet type to “Polygon Mainnet”. Please see screenshot below from my wallet page (I too am using desktop):

When I then try to connect my wallet on https://polygon.lido.fi site, I now see this:

Thank you for your time.

Can you not connect your Brave Wallet at the above screen ?

Can you try changing the network on your modal and then refresh the screen and then try again ?

Please advise how to reach the screen with the “Connect” button. I haven’t seen any screen like that after exploring what I thought was everything!


The ‘connect wallet’ wallet button thats on your second screenshot. There is two connect wallet buttons. What happens when you click that ? And can you try whilst having your wallet on ethereum mainnet and then Polygon. Please make sure to refresh the page after you change network.

Okay, so I’ve tried as suggested, first whilst having wallet on Ethereum Mainnet and then with it connect to Polygon Mainnet.

Ethereum Wallet Connected
I changed the wallet to Ethereum Mainnet clicked on “Stake” on the Lido site (already have some Lido staked). This is what was displayed.

Polygon Mainnet
I then switched the wallet to Polygon Mainnet and went to https://polygon.lido.fi and this is what I saw after trying to connect to my wallet:

If I go to https://stake.lido.fi/ by clicking the “Stake” button as I do for Ethereum (above), I get the following when trying to connect to my Polygon wallet:

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: