Different balance in my brave wallet and uphold wallet

Hi Support Team,

Why does my brave wallet in the browser is different from the uphold wallet?

Is there a glitch on it? i did tried to disconnect and reconnect it but still having the same issue.

Thank you.

Brave Support will probably need more info — good example by “englishguy4”

This mostly occurs when you have exceeded your Device Limit…

How many devices have you linked to your Uphold Account?
(Even count your old devices which you had Brave on, even if you don’t use that devices anymore… Also count the devices that you might have reset/ updated/ reinstalled Brave, etc.)

how can we unlink those old devices?

yes, i was able to recevied payments from the past. I already verified my wallet since 2019.

There is no current way to remove them.

You can either create a new Uphold Account or wait for Gemini to be introduced.

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