Did Not Receive Jan 2022 Payout Yet!

Didn’t Receive Jan 2022 Payout Yet . And i am seeing on the Status Page that Payout for Jan 2022 are Completed. Wow !
This is Happening to Me for the First time , My Uphold Account is Fully Verified , and i didn’t get any popup when i login to uphold.

@Agent47 there are many issues occurring now. Please read Still no payout? read this before posting and then be sure to write Mattches or Steeven


Yes, My uphold worded until now to receive, and I verified, on the website when I log in my account is all good.

Waiting fir the Jan rewards

thank you

Bro i already checked all the thing. everything is fine. had received payouts regularly earlier. (EXCEPT this Jan’22).

I DM steeven & Mattches 30 hours ago. I think they are busy. i didn’t recieved any reply. Hope they take a look at my DM.

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same, also my BAT rewards have stopped for this month even if i keep seeing ads, contacted steeven days ago but still no answer…

Hi all, if you haven’t already, please send the requested information above. Thank you.