Did Not Receive 159 BAT After Verifying UpHold Wallet


I received an email 1 month ago telling me that I had to verify my UpHold wallet in order to claim my 159.2 BAT. I verified my UpHold identity and yet I do not see my 159.2 BAT; in fact, when I go to the link in the email that says “Verify Wallet”, it takes me to my UpHold account but does not place the 159.2 BAT in my wallet. This is incredibly frustrating as I reached out to Brave almost a month ago (support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org) and have not received a response so I’m hoping to get this resolved now so I can withdraw that BAT and help pay bills in this time of need.

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It’ll be deposited on the next publishers payout, April 8th. You can see the date on your creators.brave.com dashboard.



That was a very quick resolution, thanks eljuno!

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