Did I lose my rewards if I formated my PC?

Hi, guys.

I have a question about my Brave Rewards from May 2021.

I had to format my computer on April 12. So, I had to reinstall Brave again. The thing is, when tried to do a backup of my rewards before format my PC (I had more than 1.000) I couldn’t find the option to do it. Besides, I read in that window like a legend in that it says if I had my uphold account is linked to my wallet I can secure my rewards. (I have my uphold account linked to my wallet and verified).

I reinstall Brave and link my uphold account to my wallet again and my Brave Rewards started from 0, but I notice that if I turn on the contributions option appears « more than 1.000» in the counter (I’ve turned off that option).

Why is this happening? I’m going to lose those brave Rewards and just going to recieve the rewards that I earned from April 12th to 30th, or those « more than 1.000» gonna be credited to my uphold account when the verified payments procesing ends?

Could someone help me, please?

You will most probably lose it. You could have waited till the Payment Day before resetting you PC.

yes man you will lose it all. I once lost 1.7 bat

Hi, ItzMeRajat.

Unfortunately no, I couldn’t wait until the payment day. My PC is my tool to work and it was necessary to format my PC.

Well, bad luck if I lose those BATs. But I don’t understand why those BATs appear on the contributions option… is like a bug?

Hi, Bhuvan1.

Well… Thanks. But still… Why those BATs it appears on the contributions counter, xd? That’s a little weird. I notice that even when I reinstall the Browser and I linked my uphold account to Brave Rewards again and my counter was 0.

I hope you can understand why I am trying to say, my English is not… good at all.

I do think it is a bug then, coz I have never seen it happen before.
You have turned off Monthly Contributions right?

Yep, I have the auto-contributions turned off right now. I saw that «more than 1.000» once when I link my uphold account to Brave Rewards and I was going to turning off that option again.

I didn’t create a topic before because i thought that if i had my uphold account linked and verified they’re going to paid me that too (as the Browser say on the backup screen).

But its a kind little weird that appear on that counter and not on my brave rewards counter. I just asking because i want to know if i going to recieve my full payment or just i’m going to recieve the BATs that i earned from April 12th to 30th.

And to be prepared the next time i need to format my PC :sweat_smile:.

I really love how Brave Browser works, but this thing of the BATs disappiring and that you lose the rewards that you earned if you reinstall the browser… piss me off… a little.

Thank you for take your time for answer me, ItzMeRajat, and i hope you can understand what im trying to say… My grammar in english is not good at all, haha :joy:

Have a nice day!

definitely. if you need reset. wait for next month
You could have waited till the Payment Day before resetting you PC.

Hi, rks143.

Yes, I already know this. I’m going to be prepared the next time I need to do a reset of my PC.

Thanks for answer me, rks143. Have a nice day!

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No Problem :slight_smile:
And your Grammar is good (Better than mine tbh)

Glad I was able to help.

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