Did anyone got march creator payout 2022

Hey any one received March 2022 creator payment or not

yes, I got mine on the 11th, verified with uphold.

Yes, people have received payments.

No, all payments have not been sent yet. It’s still processing.

Still though, Steeven is suggesting to DM him with email linked to your account if you haven’t received it so he can look into it later, just to make sure no issues. Just be sure to advise you’re waiting on your creator payment. (sorry, say that because some people message with ONLY their email, so it’s like…okay?)

got mine, payout for month of feb. recieved a few days ago.

I could not get my all creator payment, only a little part of it. Approximately 25% of it. I have been waiting for the rest of the payment for 1 week. @steeven can you inform us about this?

the amount credited to your creator account during the freeze(1st to 13th of every month) period will be given in the next months payout.

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Thank you for your kind message. I did not know that. That was really helpful.

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