Deposit Display

In the meantime, I am waiting for payment for 6 months … I decided to ask if an external deposit should be displayed on the panel?
Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

Can you elaborate more about this? :point_up:

I transferred funds from the trading exchange to the UPHOLD wallet (as you can see in the screenshot, they are displayed there) Question: Should these funds be displayed in the BRAVE personal account? (as a deposit) (Yes, no, or I have some problems with my BRAVE account??)

From UPHOLD, everything is perfect. Believe me, in half a year I checked everything with them. But here my payment is constantly carried forward to the next month. Something may have broken? :slight_smile:

Ah got it! Thanks for the confirmation, @p0gran.

No. “Last deposit date” on your creator account is only for contribution payout from Brave Rewards.

Any transaction you’ve done (personally) in/out of Uphold will not appears on your creator account.

Thanks! I understand :slight_smile: @eljuno

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