Brave not selecting my default printer

Windows 7 64 bit, desktop computer (yeah I know, I know, I’m upgrading soon)
Brave version 1.25.73
In Windows, a default printer has been selected.

Description of the issue: When I attempt to print an Ebay packing slip, or a packing slip from anywhere really, within Brave browser, my Windows-selected default printer is not automatically selected. Instead, I am forced to select which printer I want to use from a drop-down menu, every time. Why doesn’t Brave automatically select my default printer?

Expected result: When printing something from Brave, I expect Brave to recognize my windows default printer and not make me select which printer I want from a drop-down menu.

How can this issue be reproduced? Try to print out a packing slip from any website using Windows 7 64bit desktop computer in which a default printer has been selected in Windows.

Thank you for reaching out.
What printer/option is selected by default in the print dialog when you go to print? For me, it seems to always be set to the last used Destination I set in the dialog.

There is no default selected from the drop-down. Every day, I boot up my computer and I am always using private browsing for everything, so there was no “last used”; but still, there is a windows-default printer so I would expect Brave to use that.

If you attempt to print using a regular browsing window (not private), do you get the same results?

Yes, I just tried that and got exactly the same results.

Thank you for confirming. Let me reach out to some team members and see if anyone knows what might be going on. Appreciate your patience.

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