Dedicated Bravemail

Brave should has its owned BraveMail such gmail, yahoo mail or else…
Experiencing brave’s environment frankly is very new for me.
So thankful if Brave could provide it… Solving new user who sometime confusing multi acc/multi user n variation of verification methods n apps…
BraveMail is solution for a new like me.
Helpful for a newbie like me n could attract n locked a newer else.

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Great Idea. I would be very happy to use a brave email. love it :+1:

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ProtonMail is a good choice.


Related: There is a feature request on the ProtonMail site to allow paying for the premium version of ProtonMail with BAT. Add your vote if you want to see this!

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hi and welcome !
brave mail is a really good idea as it can be expected with basic security baked in as a part of it and it will come with The lion logo too :wink:

it is nice to see BAT as a payment option anywhere!

photonmail is good
photon mail is not bravemail :blush:

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Hehe…just only my an idea…

Yea…u know better.
I just tried protonmail in a few days…

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