Dear community influencers, I am in great need of solving Aw Snap! This error prevents me from entering saved items in Namelix

Dear community influencers,

I am facing an Aw Snap error while accessing saved items in Namelix through my Brave Browser. This issue is preventing me from entering the saved items, and I need your help to troubleshoot it.

I have multiple tabs open in my Brave Browser, and I’m unsure how this issue can be reproduced. Can you please guide me on how to identify the cause of this error and fix it without losing the saved items?

**The details of my device and browser versions are as follows:

  • Mobile device: Galaxy A10s
  • OS version: Android 11; Build/RP1A.200720.012
  • Brave Browser version: Brave 1.59.120, Chromium 118.0.5993.88**

I have also attached a screenshot for your reference.

Thank you for being a helpful and supportive community. I appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.

Sincerely, [Yahya]

Additional Information:

One hundred thirty-two views without any action in the community, which expects to help its members even volunteering will make a difference! Life happens. I may know to get your attention.
Thank you for your courteous carelessness.

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