Aw, Snap! Error on pages using WebOTP Api

Description of the issue:

Upon visiting a page which uses the WebOTP API on mobile, brave shows the Aw Snap! error. The page becomes unusable and doesn’t open even after refreshing, or reinstalling the browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to this url in your mobile phone.
  2. See the error

Expected result:
Page should load as usual.

Brave Version: 1.33.106

Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy M51 (Android 11)

Additional Information:

WebOTP API is supported in chrome for android from version 96 onwards. I am not sure why it shows this error on brave even though its based on chromium.

Firefox Android doesn’t support this api and the page loads fine there.

Just tested on my Android (Samsung Fold 3), had no issues here. I clear cookies/cache, then retest site.

Thanks, got it working after clearing cache on brave stable build.

Its still showing the same error in beta version.

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