Dark Web Page Built-Extension - FREE

Before using the Brave browser, I used another browser with a built-in ‘force dark mode’ extension that allowed me to change any page to AMOLED-supported dark mode. However, for privacy reasons, I shifted to the Brave browser. And somehow found only 1 good extension of that level. But that was paid.

So this is why I want you to add a built-in extension to Brave browser which will allow forcing any page to get into dark mode for free.

Brave already includes this.

Why don’t you ask first if it is available or how to enable it and then if doesn’t exist (you can search other posts and make sure it doesn’t exist), make a feature request? why do people always have to rush and then fill feature request with these useless posts?

It is a Chromium feature, if your previous browser was Chromium based, it is obvious they used it, they are not going to add it themselves.


CELAB seems to be the better one and this is exactly what it is enabled in Brave Android, it is not perfect but it is what it is. If you want more and easier control (but not a better deal) use Dark Reader or Midnight Lizard, they are slower than native but have more control and let you whitelists websites.

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