Daily Mail is blocking access since iPad OS update

Daily Mail Online suddenly started to recognise Brave ad blocker after my iPad did an overnight update. Cannot use the site at all - “we see you are using an ad blocker” pop up freezes the window regardless of Brave settings, even with it fully disabled. iPad OS updated to version 16.3.1. Brave is running v 1.47 (

Strangely, Settings/About does not invite a Brave update as all other advice says it should.

Brave still works perfectly on my desktop.

Can replicate investigating. no eta just yet

Great. I’m surprised this hasn’t come up more often. MailOnline claims to be the most widely read newspaper website in the world but is almost unreadable for all the junk it throws at the screen and hardly works at all on slower internet without an ad blocker.

Adblock improvements incoming related patch: https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/pull/7011

Could still be awhile away, even when it lands.

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