Currently India is unsupported country few of my quires

Completely about Creator rewards…

  1. When will India be in supported country any expected date or any…
  2. Am i currently accumulating rewards as a creator in the background even when my country is not in the list or my rewards are completely paused until it changes to supported
    or when India is back on list all the missing duration rewards will I receive them or not?

Amins please help me with this queries and any alternative way for now???

I think that if the user is not seeing the blue check (showing as verified creator), is impossible that you receive something in “background”.
Check here :

They have no expected date and no guarantees. All they have said is working on arrangements they think will go through. At this point no contracts have been finalized, which is why Brave hasn’t been able to say who they are working with.

According to Brendan Eich (I think it was him and not Luke, but I might be mixing it up) on Community Call in March, they said has just about finalized agreement but India passed new regulations, which then caused more delays and for a new draft of contract to be drawn. So yeah, we are waiting and watching with no idea for a timeline.

You are earning nothing. There were announcements about this back in October. They had it pinned here, posted on Reddit, etc. You can see official topic on it at [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account

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