CryptoKitties Issue

With the new update I have noticed that with shields up that some features/functions of cryptokitties website are giving error codes. Shields down does fix this issue though, however I do not enjoy having them down. Just wanted to pass this onto the team.

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It seems like there’s some Shields shenanigans happening in this release.
I can confirm that the site displays and functions in Beta however. If you have any other Brave builds installed, would you mind testing to see if you get the same results?

Either way it’s likely you’ll see this issue and several others (like the Hulu issue you posted about recently) fixed when Release channel hits 0.58.x

Ahh ok!

I will just let you guys do your thing and await the update. Thanks!

Feel free to close.

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Came here to close but 0.58.16 is out today - do you still have this issue on the site?

Yes, Issue with shields up still remains.

Very strange…Do you have the Beta or Dev release installed on your machine?
If so, would you mind trying in one of those builds to see if you get the same results?

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