Account Status is completely screwed up

I have a Brave Account on my iphone thru apple subscriptions that just renewed at $99/year but when i try to login it says i owe $9.99/month.

What’s the deal??? Pretty sure I’ve been getting double charged for months. Only finding out becuase i just got a new debit card.

what’s a phone number i can call???

@BirdDogGuy I want to confirm where you’re looking? Subscriptions should all be within your App Store subscriptions area and usually you’ll need to make any changes there. I guess I’m just trying to check to see if you’ve linked it to your and it’s showing monthly there or if you are indeed seeing it in your Apple subscriptions area?

If it’s through App Store, this would be handled through them and is pretty much just processed by Apple themselves. That said, you can also create a Premium Support Ticket at I’ll also tag @B-Lee to see if she might be able to provide some additional assistance on your issue.

I just your responded.

Here’s the issue. I signed up for Brave on my phone. I pay for a yearly account and have my iphone and ipad linked successfully.

Somehow when I tried to put Brave on my computer the account was set up with 10/month charge. I’ve been paying both yearly and monthly charges.

When i go on my computer and login with the same email that works on my phone/ipad it still says monthly billing and wants me to change card as my old card was cancelled due to fraud.

When i followed intstruction on help center, which sucks BTW, it came back as an error and said to contact support and this is all i get. RIDICULOUS!!!

There’s a glitch in your system. Why won’t it recognize my subscription that is valid thru my iphone on my computer??? When i log in with my email it ALWAYS reverts to the monthly billing. I deleted my account on computer and downloaded again with the same problem.



This is because you’re doing it wrong. If you paid through iPhone then you needed to link your account to it. If you just went in and created an account and didn’t link it, then it would be showing that you have no subscription. If you then went and signed up for one, this would have created a second subscription.

The instructions you needed to follow would have been what’s in the support article at

I tried those directions and it failed and said to contact support.

How can your company allow me to have two accounts under the SAME email address?

I’ve tried 2x to fix via article you sent but it failed both times telling me to contact support.

Seems like a simple fix on your end. I’ve tried it on my end and it always fails.

Did you create the support ticket wit the link I provided earlier? The Brave Premium Product Support Ticket at

And I’ll also tag @steeven and @B-Lee here again.

Hello there! If you submit a ticket with the link @Saoiray sent, we’ll be more than happy to assist!

I don’t know half that information they want to file. [quote=“Saoiray, post:6, topic:529496, full:true”]

Did you create the support ticket wit the link I provided earlier? The Brave Premium Product Support Ticket at

And I’ll also tag @steeven and @B-Lee here again.

No. I don’t know the information needed to complete. Not very computer literate.

A very simple solution would be a phone number for customer service.

I tried but I don’t know all the info it needed to complete.

Beyond frustrated here. I’ve been getting double billed for months I’m sure.

Can’t find my number so request won’t go through.

How about a PHONE NUMBER for support???

I’ve sent a dm your way, feel free to respond as you can. Many thanks!

Where do I find this dm?

It’ll load into your personal messages view under your profile icon (right-hand side), however it can also be accessed here. (This link is only accessible for you and Support.)

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