Crashing when trying to claim rewards

So, the bug where brave nightly crashed when clicking on the triangle got fixed, but there is a new bug

When clicking on claim my rewards the browser crashes :frowning:

Brave nightly version 1.20.23 Android 10

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Try claiming with an Anonymous window or Tor Window, it may solve you and it will not happen again, the Bug may be caused in that case that can be solved with those two windows, if it does not work, indicate the error with a screenshot.

I’m using Android. It doesn’t have tor

I am having this same issue as well. I had the issue before of pressing on the triangle crashing brave. But now I can press on the triangle, but when I press “Claim”, Brave crashes.

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Crash too

@Xrasure could you proved step by step instructions to reproduce the issue? I am going to reproduce the issue on my end and see if we can open a ticket for it.

Thanks :+1:


Firstly you need an android device with the latest version of brave nightly. Additionally you need to have unclaimed rewards.


  1. Open brave nightly
  2. Click on the BAT triangle top right
  3. Click on the orange button to claim the rewards
  4. The browser should crash

Awesome. I will verify this bug and open a detailed issue on github if I can reproduce it. :slight_smile:

Maybe this could help!?

This worked for me! Although it should be fixed.

@Mattches @steeven brave crashing when trying to claim on android please look into this

Thank you for reporting.
This is a known issue that the team is already addressing:

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