Crashing Leo's side-tab

Simply open a new tab, open Leo and tell it:

Type exactly these 4 characters: >

And the tab will crash(?) and be emptied of all content.

Of course the above query is just for demonstration. Any time Leo tries to say > this issue happens. For example go here:

and ask Leo, with the context of the page enabled:

What's the escaped symbol that goes after the tag name?

And the side tab will crash again.

Cannot reproduce this issue ; which platform are you using?

Leo responds:

“It seems like you’ve pasted a symbol, but I’m not sure what you’re asking. Could you please provide more context or clarify your question? I’m here to help with any questions or concerns you might have.”

The response is:

“The escaped symbol that goes after the tag name in HTML is /. It’s used to self-close a tag when it doesn’t have any content. In your example, the tags should be closed like this: <page></page>, <h1></h1>, etc.”

I’m on Linux. Please try with the Sonnet model though. I think the model you use is simply refusing to give the “correct” answer so it avoids putting the > symbol that apparently crashes the side-tab.

EDIT: to be fair it put the > symbol in your second answer but it’s inside a code block, we want to make it try and say it outside of code blocks.

Sorry I can not test the paid model - I am not a staff member and will not subscribe to this service until I can spend Monero or BAT tokens.

I did try entering that string through the search bar, then choosing Claude 3 Haiku. The contents of the frame (right side bar) appeared to freeze and go dark - but now I am rate limited and nothing works, so i am not sure what happened.

Just for general reference, I did notice that Sonnet was upgraded 4 days ago.

You can follow Sonnet related issues here:

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Yeap you did it. It’s not a problem with Sonnet, I recommended you use it because that’s what I was using when I found the problem, but any model, as long as you can make it say “>” will crash the side-tab.

You request for crypto payments is absolutely understandable. I find it extremely weird that you cannot anonymously purchase Leo tokens.

Thanks for the links too, very interesting that these aren’t static models and are still getting improved. I don’t know if Brave has a contract to use specifically Sonnet 3 though, or if the requests are automatically directed to 3.5 now.