Constantly getting logged out of WordPress - #2


Hi there,

How are you doing?

So I have no idea what happened LOL I found the thread with this title, but for SOME reason I was reporting the issue with SpeechNotes not working. Very strange. I was sure you & I discussed this, but even prior to that SpeechNotes discussion.

Btw, did you fix the Speechnotes issue yet?

Anyway, onto this other issue which is really really bad.

I even hired someone to figure it out b/c it’s been ongoing for at least a year if memory serves.

I’m using ManageWP to log in, but then from there it opens a new tab & I’m logged into my WP site.

There’s no time frame when I get logged out. One day it can be 10 minutes after I’ve logged in, the next time it happens it can take 3 hours.

Sometimes I can go for days with no issues, recently it’s been so bad I can barely work.

I think Chris said the server has it set to not log me out for 48-72 hours.

It can even log me out WHILE I’m in the middle of typing something or just shortly thereafter.

It’s nuts & driving me insane.

The guy I hired is now convinced it’s Brave, & yes, all shields are completely off.

Please help.



Did you see this?

Apologies I had not seen this.
If you’re not blocking WP cookies in Shields, then it seems like it’s potential an extension issue to me. I assume you’ve checked the usual suspects like making sure you’re not clearing any browsing data On exit? I’m also curious if this happens only in Brave – have you tested any other browsers?

My suggestion would be to test this in a new Brave profile with no pre-existing extensions and/or browsing data and do your WP work in that profile for a day and check whether or not the issue presents.

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