Can't get to the plugin page on after logging in



Ok, so I probably should have tested this before complaining to them b/c the guy was an (fill in your favorite swear word here) to me. I keep forgetting that Brave is often (not always) the culprit.

Every time I go to a plugin page on the WP site & then log in, it leaves the plugin page & I can’t get back to it b/c then it will continue to say I’m not logged in.

After he said it works for him, I tested it with all shields down & it works fine.


I’m not sure exactly what windows you’re looking at/using when you encounter this, but I would wager that if you allow cookies for Wordpress this will resolve the issue.

It takes me back to their index page.

Would it be possible to see a short recording of the behavior? I may not be interpreting the situation correctly.

Sorry for the delay.

Here it is…

Actually I prefer to send it to you privately.

  1. Allow cookies for, and for your domain if you use WP on a custom domain like I do.
  2. If that doesn’t work, clear all cookies for WP, quit Brave, make sure ALL brave processes are gone, and restart Brave browser.