Brave Browser stays open for a few seconds, then freezes and crashes. Win 10, 64 bit

When I open Brave I have anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds before the browser freezes and crashes. In one thread I read that you have to reset the settings in order to fix this and that did indeed work, but as soon as I restarted the computer Brave was crashing again. I’ve tried ridding the system of everything Brave related and then reinstalling, however that also didn’t work. I do not have sync enabled. The version of Brave I’m using is 1.24.85.

On a slightly related note Microsoft Edge also seems to be suffering from the same problem described above. I do not know if it is connected to the Brave crashing.

You should check your RAM. Disabling some features in Brave settings also works. That’s the solution i use for my younger brother computer. Browser these days use a lot of RAM.

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