How do I pin websites to the homepage (new tab)

Hello everyone, I’m new to Brave.
How do i pin websites/webpages to the homepage of Brave, because you have a shortcut to the Webstore but how do I add a custom shortcut?

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Far as I can tell, you can’t. For some reason the people giving us freedom from ads are husbanding the freedom to set our own favorites and pin them where we want. An arbitrary limit of six and no control over what’s put on, just what’s taken off. If there is a reason for software shortcoming, I’d really like to know what it is.


As mentioned in all of the following threads found from searching New tab page here on Community –

– we’re working on several new options for the new tab page. We have a project board on our Github you can track progress with if you’d like:

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Thank you for the references. After a 20-minute review of them, they basically amount to “NO, you can’t do that”. Please let me know when I CAN do that.