Brave rewards not transfering to uphold on one of my computers


I have 5 months of claims that did not get delivered to my uphold account in this computer.

I have another computer and a mobile phone (so 3 devices total) which work every month, this one does not.

The uphold account is linked and shows the synced ammount + the “un-synced” ammount from this computer. If i unlink it will show the un-synced ammount only.

Every month, i answer the claim challenge correctly, the program states that the funds are on their way but they never arrive.

Can you provide a way to fix this please?

First of all make sure how many Devices/Brave Wallets are connected to your uphold wallet by going to Uphold Settings > Applications > Authorised Applications

Here you’ll see Brave Browser named app(s) check here how many are there, if there are more than 4 then the 5th or above will not get paid.

Note :- Even publisher’s account count.



Thanks for your answer.

I get only two entries, could it be my pc that works and my mobile? If so, the computer that does not sync is not here, but the browser has “wallet verified”…

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Note sure! Did you recently tried unlinking your browser with uphold? If so then in the new update there’s 25 BAT requirement to link Uphold which may have interfered with the synchronisation.


I tried unlinking and linking again several times. The ammount goes to 9 BAT when i unlink and to 49 when i link (cause i have +/- 40 bat in uphold). I wait for the next payout in the beginning of the month, but it never arrives…

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Maybe @Mattches could help.

Note :- Admins are on weekends there will be delay for the response.


Aagar link aur unlink bar bar karonge to problems to ayengi hi na!

Google translator :- If you do the link and unlink again and again, the problems will definitely come!

Problem was there before i started doing that. Thanks.

Ok, wait for admins they give solution

Could anyone help shed some light on this subject…?

I’m having the same issue, no help for over a month of asking.

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I have 2 browsers “syncing”, one my work desktop and one my laptop. Both browsers say verified, however I am not seeing both accounts in my one Uphold account.

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Forgot to mention, don’t know if its important or not, i’m using the beta build:

Brave 1.15.54 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

@ShineWhine, really hope those admins will get back from weekend soon …!

They’re back already!

@steeven @Mattches Need support here!

Did you tried unlink and then again link?

every now and then for the past 5 months :slight_smile:

Which i could stop answering my customers for 14 days… that would show them!

My boss won’t let me do that though… :confused:

Thank you for reporting, but it sounds like you’re describing a few different issues. What is the actual issue you need assistance with? From what I can tell, when you link your device wallet to Uphold, it shows you your synced BAT (49 according to your image) as intended. Unlinking shows only the balance in your browser wallet (which is 9, again, according to your image).

Note that there is a 25BAT minimum required to transfer earnings from mobile wallet into Uphold. My advice to you would be to unlink the wallet, collect BAT in your browser until you have 25+, then link your wallet w/Uphold again and all bat should be synced/transferred.

Hi matches can you help me too i didn’t receive in my uphold account to the bat show in payment corner but still in my uphold remain empty