Compatibility with 120 HZ Refresh Rate

Brave currently only shows 60 HZ when running on a 120 HZ screen. I came to realize this as everything felt sluggish and then went to the chrome browser for comparison. Chrome was much smoother.

My test on confirmed this. While chromes runs with 120 HZ, Brave was only using 60 HZ.

I love Brave, so please add the compatibility with 120 HZ Refresh Rate.

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Having the same issue, this is the deal breaker

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Just wanted to chime in that I would love for this feature to be implemented too! The Brave app is currently the only app on my phone that doesnt support 120hz

Just got a OnePlus 9 Pro and there’s a clear difference between Brave and Chrome. Chrome is so much smoother.

Please fix this Brave!

Nowadays is a important feature in better phones please fix this!

Use an app like AutoHz (from Playstore) if you’re on Samsung or OnePlus to force brave to run at 120/90Hz it’s because of OnePlus/Samsung locking the refresh rate to 60 not because of brave not supporting it.

I confirm on Realme GT Master. Chrome works at 120 Hz and Brave does not. Please fix it

The issue is that some manufacturers have a list of software that are unlocked for a high refresh rate usage. The issue in GH is here, I pinged OnePlus to add Brave. Feel free to go to other vendors support channels.