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using brave browser on pc from lastb one week, but i didnt receiving any rewards. please help me

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I just tried to answer the same question here:

Does this help you?


thanks you solved my problem. i am going to create a long term youtube channel did i get poyments of that?

and tell me one more thing is this brave browser contains all features like chrome and firefox?

Yes, you need to create a Brave publishers account and link your Youtube channel there. You also need a verified Uphold account, which you also have to link with with your Publishers account.
After doing that, you can earn BAT if people decide to tip your channel (or if they visit your channel and have auto-contribute enabled).

That question is difficult to answer. Brave does some things, that Firefox or Chrome cannot do, but there are also some features that Brave might lack.
For me, Brave does anything I want it to do, and it will continuously improve in the future.

i need dark mode and restore previous session features in brave.

without verification of uphold account, can i withdraw bat coins?

Brave has both of that.

This is not possible at the moment.

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thank you so much you solved my problem. how did i get to know when brave rewards available for indian users?