There is no Brave Rewards

I am using Brave Browser for 3 months. I only use Brave and entered many web sites. But i didnt recieved any rewards. I took just some tips from a friend? What should i do earn Brave rewards?

Thank you

@infernoblast are you located in UK, USA CANADA,FRANCE, or GERMANY . If yes you can opt in for the brave Ads program

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Thanks for information. I was watching ads :smiley: so i am going to unlock ads now :smiley:

Not all the ads are the one you get paid for. If you have ads enabled, there will be pop up messages from time to time (you can configure how often), you will receive bats for them. Other ads are often blocked, but you see some for example on qwant.


I get 0 rewards for 3 months :slight_smile: all day i use this browser

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