Sending BAT to coinbase


I saw back in February that it’s in the works to be able to send bat coin to coinbase wallet. Are you any closer to making this happen? Also how soon till we can get rewarded for watching ads on Android phone?

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Hi @Kbyz63,

For now it is not possible. If you are a Brave Publisher, BAT can only be sent to an Uphold wallet then from there, you can transfer it to another wallet.

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I dont lile this system because in 3 months i never got just onlt 1bat yes nothing bery disapointed 3months using daoly grace and take nothing


I’m confused
I learned about Brave & BAT from coinbase. I hope they are linked soon. Also how can I earn more BAT? Ads aren’t available on Android phone. More people use use phones than desktop computers. All of this technology is new but you’re going backwards