Close all but this (Tab)

I like to use the option “Close other Tabs” or “Close all but this” in other Browsers. The only Option I see in Brave is “Close tabs to the right”.

Releated: There is also a feature request to close tabs to the left (Close tabs left (focus left after close))

I easely have dozens of tabs open. So only the icons will be visible. After some time I normally closing everything but my current tab.


There should be a way (like in other browsers) to keep Brave open after the last tab is closed. I’ve searched and searched without any success. There’s needs to be that option offered. I tire of restarting Brave after I forget to open a new tab when closing the one I’m in forgetting there are no other ones open to prevent Brave itself from closing.


That’s not exactly what I’m missing.

My example would be I have a tab open that plays Music and 80 others. I wan’t to close those 80 tabs without to close the playing tab. “Close all but this”.

Currently I can work around this by moving the tab to the first position and say “close all right”.