Middle Click for New tab

Hi, I love Brave but it is missing a crucial shortcut that is avaible on every other browser :
why isn’t there an option to activate middle click for opening a new tab when clicking in the blank space on top of window ?

This issue was mentionned there :

but no answer was given.

I’m switching back to Chrome and Mozilla until the option appears because the existing shortcut is not convenient and I can’t work fast enough without that universal option/shortcut.

Thank you for this great browser, i hope it’ll be fixed soon.

@leo22586 Because it’s chromium based browser. Opera and firefox are the only 2 browsers that support that “feature” unfortunately. I was annoyed aswell but gotta get used to it… Ctrl+T.

CTRL+left click opens the link in a new tab and it does not switch to it. Just perfect for opening many links.
It might be possible to set the middle mouse button to be that combo as well, depending on your mouse software.

I tried but it is sooo slow I can’t bear it

@leo22586 I use middlemouse to open links (it works on chromimum),it’s really simple but when it comes to just opening empty tabs… you gotta use CTRL+T.