Clearing Data including history leaves history

Went to clear data for the last hour to get rid of everything related a facebook link that I clicked not realizing it was facebook. (Yeah I’m a facebook hater) After the dialog box finished, hit Ctrl-H to view history and facebook was still there. After about 10 minutes it finally disappeared, but once the clear data finishes, it should reflect in history.

Clear dialog should not complete until the clear operation finishes. Hitting ctrl-H to view history right after should reflect cleared state not uncleared state.

Perhaps the issue is that if the history is open in another tab, hitting ctrl-H only reactivates the history tab, but doesn’t refresh it, in which case the bug is that hitting ctrl-H even if history is open in another tab, should refresh the history tab, before displaying it, not just activating the tab, displaying dirty (out of date) information.

That’s very strange behavior.
This does not happen on my end on either Windows 10 or macOS systems, even with the History tab still open. The clear happens immediately on my end. I’m wondering if you have any extensions installed at this time? Also, is the device you’re using part of a Sync chain?

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