Claim option not come for April month

I now see, that even though I have opened almost every ad since February, my rewards have not been added in March and nothing has been added in April yet. In April I can see in my 7-day history, that I opened 11 ads… So it stopped adding rewards after February. Does this at times happen, when you sync your laptop with your phone perhaps?

sorry but i do not know @jillsabine

by the way i am just user like you so i do not have the full picture

Ok, no problem. Thanks anyway. I hope someone else can help me.

i mentioned steveen from the team to check your post just give it sometime as it too early from the other side of the world

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HI. I’ve the same issue.
No value on April report.

I think you guys have to read the last reply on this post

Same Problem here, It s been a couple of months that I can not claim my estimated pending rewards. Why??

I’m under the Version 1.22.70, i disconnect and reconnect your Uphold wallet, but nothing yet, don’t have any claim reward for march just have a new date in april 6

wooh … How do you get so many BATs per month ?

Just Look he got 100+ Ads in Just 6 days.
Ads Received This Month

He said he accumulated them. No way he can get that much in one month.

That looked weird.

So many months of BATs stucked ? Like 1 year ? :dizzy_face:

Same here… For the very first time, My BAT did not transfer to my Uphold account on payment day (the 5th of the month).

Brave has the data, they know exactly who hasn’t gotten their BAT, They could fix this “at the push of a button.”
The crypto companies who will be successful, in the end, are the ones who are the most dependable.

Me too! Claim day suddenly moved to May 6

Similarly, the option to claim the balance corresponding to this month does not appear, and the payment date was modified to May 5. Greetings.

Same issue bro @steeven might be a bug, hope they fix it soon

Same problem here the Payment was on April 5 and now there is nothing in my Uphold wallet.

Same here, no claim and changed to may 6

Hi all, payments are still processing April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.

If your wallet is not verified with Uphold and you still haven’t received your Claim button please DM me your wallet ID.