Claim option missing on windows browser

I got claim option on mobile app but haven’t received Claim option on my windows. Help me out?

Hi @logancreed - payments are still processing - MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. They will be processing through tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

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Please, I have verified my uphold account but on my mobile browser I cannot find wallet option for withdrawal. I will only see the reward but cannot withdraw it. While on my pc, I tried to sync but cannot find that option on the windows browser.
Your support will be needed

hey is not about payment problem this problem is about window’s claim option that every windows user yet not get claim option

i had one of my windows pcs let me do the claim but my main one wont let me also my android tablet let me do the claim too. seems incredibly buggy :frowning:

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