Claim earnings button

Hello, so there is a “Claim earnings” button even though I have a verified wallet connected, should i claim it or just wait for it to show up in my Uphold Wallet?


Not a lot of information to go on here. Go ahead and try and claim it — if you’re verified properly your funds will end up in your Uphold account regardless.


Ye. I was confused a little bit at first as well. This a new method.
I like it though. I claimed and it was on uphold 2 minutes later. This is better and faster than before.
@Mattches i only had claim on my desktop. On my phone was nothing. Is it combined? Or is mobile still automatically send to uphold?


It should behave the same. You can always check your Uphold account’s activity page and cross check the number of deposits you’ve received from us with the number of verified devices you have to confirm all payments have gone through.

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It was only 1 so far. after the desktop claim button. Don´t have it on android though.

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