Chrome Extension for LastPass Won't Open on Brave Mobile App

Hi! I just started using Brave on my desktop and was able to follow the instructions for downloading the chrome extension for LastPass, Honey, etc. These chrome extensions work seamlessly on my desktop Brave browser now.

After I downloaded the Brave app for Android (I have a Pixel 3), I tried to also download the chrome extension for LastPass. While the file will download, it won’t open. Am I not downloading the appropriate extension? Do chrome extensions not work on the Brave app on my Pixel 3? I’m able to use the LastPass extension through the Chrome app on my phone.

I’m new to all this, so if the answer is obvious, my apologies. I tried searching online and in this forum and couldn’t find any answers.

Android version 9

my understanding is that Brave Mobile is not based on chromium. Therefore the Chrome Extensions does not work with the current Brave.

If possible, it might work in the future. :slight_smile:

PS: I’m not familiar with Brave for mobile phones, but this is the information I’ve picked up in other mobile topics here in the forum.

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Thank you @MediaBird for this! I think you’re right and if so, that answers my question.

Brave on Android is based on Chromium similar to desktop. Currently mobile version doesn’t support extensions but we do plan to have support for it in future.

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