Change standard search engine in Android

I can’t seem to change the default search engine in the search bar in Android. I use a VPN so I get irrelevant search results in languages I’m not looking for. I would like to change it into but I see no option to do that in the Android browser.

Hi @forlane,

Please see this Android FAQ on how to change the default search engine.

Thanks Aa-ron, but that wasn’t my question. There is a list to choose from, but that is not what I need. When you choose it will automatically show results from the country you’re in and that’s exactly what I don’t want. I want to change it to so I’ll be sure it will show the results I want, not French or German etc etc. I also don’t want to change my VPN every time I do a google search. So how do I change it to

You won’t be able to manually add But you can try navigating to it multiple times and seeing if appears on the recently visited section.