Can't sync 24 word sycn code not woring.....Try this method

I have a good news for you!!
Try this method,
Step NO 1.
Generate a new sync code (with 25 words)
Step No 2.
Type the old sycn code in sycn box (with 24 words) and copy the last word of the new sycn code and type it at the end of the 24 words.
Step NO 3.
Now click Confirm button
I think this method will work for all those who faced this problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Interesting. This would be much easier than trying to figure out what the current day 25th word is on the list. lol I wonder if this is a permanent thing and reproducible every time or just temporary and coincidental (big coincidence!).

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This method really worked for me. Sometimes I wonder if you have tried to get a lot of new sycn code. If that happens, an error message saying sycn code expired will appear.