Can't send any funds

Hello, I’ve always been able to send funds without any issues, even as recently as 2 days ago, but today I can’t send funds to any address.

Right after I confirm the transaction, it doesn’t show any errors and says that it’s been sent instantaneously, but when I check the activity tab, it shows all the transactions as failed, either saying “discarded” or “error”. When I click to show them in the block explorer, they all say “not found”.

This is happening on the Solana Network.

It happens on both my Linux and Android devices.

Brave Version: 1.64.109 on both Linux and Android

I do have more than enough SOL to cover for the transaction fees, and the token I’m trying to send is USDT.

Doesn’t matter what amount I try to send, it doesn’t work with any amount.

@Invalbgue this is actually a known issue and being worked on. There’s a few factors, including things like but when brought up in the weekly Community Call, they did admit there’s more to it and is a priority. We just didn’t delve into the specifics. I’m not sure if @Evan123 or anyone from the Wallet team, like @jleonard might have more info on ETA for fix or able to explain more specifically on issue(s).

Other thing I want to make sure to point out is not to click on link that was provided by sandeep-help4 as it’s a scam account. I have flagged the comment here but I know sometimes things get sent to emails as well. These scam accounts pose like they are support, get people to click on links, then try to fool people into providing their seed phrases and all…at which point they drain your wallet or they try to get you to download viruses/keyloggers and all. So hopefully you’re not getting any of that.