I can't send assets to another wallet

I can’t send assets to another wallet on Solana network. I managed to do some transactions at the beginning, but now I can’t sent anymore. I can receive but I can’t send. I cleared wallet transaction and nonce information. I reinstalled the app on my phone. Is there anything else I can do?

I tried again. It allowed me to send half the balance. It does not allow me to send the rest.

I am experiencing the same issue right now. Seems Solana might be congested? This is so annoying, I never should have self-custodied my SOL out of Coinbase considering how unreliable this block chain is.

I found a way around the issue. The problem isn’t Solana being congested, it’s Brave’s Solana endpoint being completely unreliable.

Go into your Wallet Networks and change the Solana RPC URL to the official Solana one listed on their site: https://solana.com/docs/core/clusters#mainnet-beta-endpoint

Changing the URL from https://mainnet-beta-solana.brave.com/rpc to https://api.mainnet-beta.solana.com made everything work!

It’s so annoying that I had to do this in the first place. Why isn’t Brave Wallet using the official RPC URLs? Brave mismanagement of it literally cost me money in trades today.

@urbenlegend @WitcherGeorge so sorry for the lack of response! Is this still an active issue for you?